The dog team say Goodbye to Merry.

Following an injury, Donna (Merry’s handler), has had to withdraw Merry from our Search Dog training programme.

Donna said, “It’s a shame but these things happen. Merry has come so far and has so much ability, but her consultant is recommending a knee replacement for her. Surgery isn’t definite yet, as we haven’t finished weighing the risks with the potential benefits. Either way, it wouldn’t be fair to ask her to maintain the high level of fitness a search dog requires. If she makes a full recovery we may return to training in the future. There is no guarantee of that, but her health and well being comes first.”

Merry will continue to attend Warwickshire Search and Rescue fundraising and PR events. She will be at B&Q, Binley Woods in the afternoon of Sat 11th Aug (other team members are there from 10.00). Pop along and see her with your good wishes.

Kev, A WarkSar team member, recorded the blue trail as he walked. Ninety minutes, later Merry was given the scent article and trailed Kev’s route. The red trail is hers. Once she had found Kev, he emailed his trail to Donna and the two trails were combined to produce the image above..

“I need this gate opened. She went through here”

“Found you! You can’t escape me. The nose knows”.